Copenhagen: Travel around the Capital City from International Airport

Copenhagen International Airport

It really seems good when you finally arrived at the airport of your destination. When it comes to Copenhagen traveling, it would be awesome to feel that you reached the land of world’s happiest people. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark which has world famous Islands, amusement parks, alluring beaches and lively coastlines. The city is more than a conventional tourist destination and has much to offer and admire. Hence, one must have proper information about transport system of Copenhagen so that he would not spend much time to figure out his or her next stop from the airport. In this article, I am going to aware you about the modes of transport which are available at the airport and can be used for further traveling in Copenhagen.

Metro Service;

Metro Service in Copenhagen

The metro is available at the airport at terminal 3 and all of them have same direction from the airport. There is an interval of 4 to 6 min in which metro operates during day and night time. It is estimated that metro takes 13 minutes to reach the city center from the airport. Tickets are available at the metro station and at the DSB sales counter at terminal 3. Machines which are deployed here for tickets only accept coins and credit cards.

Train Service;

Train Station in Copenhagen


The train station is also located at terminal 3 and a free shuttle bus is available at terminal 1 to take passenger at terminal 3 for bus service in 5 minutes only. The trains operate every 10 minutes and take 13 minutes to reach city center. Tickets can be purchased at ticket machines and DSB counter, placed at terminal 3 with the constraint of coins and credit cards only.

Bus Service;

Bus 5A in Copenhagen

Bus 5A is available to take passengers directly to city station and city hall square. It will take 30 to 35 minutes from the airport to the central station of Copenhagen. The bus is being operated till 1 am at night and again start its operation from 5 am in the morning. For tickets, passengers have to come at terminal 3 where ticket machine is available for bus tickets. It is notable that in the bus, drivers only accept coins for a ticket.

Taxi service;

Copenhagen Airport Taxi

Taxi service is also available for pick up and airport transfer service at terminal 1 and 3. A taxi will take you to downtown Copenhagen in almost 20 minutes but with traffic congestion, this time can be changed. Generally, taxis are available at all terminals and travelers can pre-book them from the airport as well. A taxi will charge you DKK 250 to 300. For reliable and affordable transportation book for Albertslund airport taxi easily online.

In the nutshell, this is a brief but comprehensive review about transport options from the airport to the city center of Copenhagen that can save substantial time and energy of every traveler.


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